It's Harvest Time @ Rimrock Ranches!

It's harvest time! Our farms grow a wide variety of crops to boost soil health and naturally reduce weeds, so the harvest will take weeks to complete as various crops mature. Here are a couple photos of our green peas, harvested July 31 at RimRock Ranches. Once they're cleaned and split, they'll be shipped to your favorite stores and restaurants. Now that's fresh!

The green peas are cut, separated from the stalks and dumped into the truck bed. They'll then be delivered to our facility in Genesee, Idaho, where they'll be split, cleaned and bagged. Big thanks to Madeline at RimRock Ranches for sharing her photos!

This is what our green split peas look like when they're harvested. Aren't they pretty? They'll be cleaned, split and bagged before landing at your favorite stores and restaurants. Look for them early next year. Split pea soup, anyone? — at RimRock Ranches.

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