Our Unique Lentils

Caviar black lentils: Add a touch of elegance to your next meal with these delicious, petite gems. Grown on heritage family farms in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our Caviar lentils have a rich, earthy flavor, turn a dark cocoa brown after cooking, and maintain their shape.

Shasta yellow zero-tannin lentils: Add a bit of bright, Palouse sunshine to your meals with these tasty and unique lentils. Quick-cooking Shastas turn a warm golden color, maintain their shape, and don’t “muddy” the cooking water.


Sunrise red zero-tannin lentils: As lovely as a Palouse sunrise, these delicious, pink gems maintain their shape and turn a golden salmon color when cooked. Unlike other red lentils, Sunrise require minimal processing and don’t “muddy” the cooking water.


Spanish Pardina brown lentils: Lentil lovers in Spain go crazy for these because they’re the most flavorful lentil around. Grown on the Palouse, these quick-cooking lentils “muddy” the water, but maintain their shape and taste out-of-this-world delicious!

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